Nolan Kelly is a critic, filmmaker, and creative writer based in New York. An alumnus of The New School’s Eugene Lang College, his critical and creative work reflects an investigative interest in the effects of technology and media on mass conciousness, the role of consumerism in shaping identity and taste, and the speculative impacts of artificial intelligence. His writing has appeared in BookforumSenses of Cinema, No. 3 Magazine, Public Parking, Cinema Skyline, The Pavlovic Today, Hyperallergic, and The Brooklyn Rail. A portion of his undergraduate thesis, “On Selection and Synthesis in New Media” was published in Columbia’s Journal of Art Criticism in 2019.

Nolan has worked as a researcher at Artforum and at Hong Kong’s M+ Museum, as well as research coordinator and publicist for numerous galleries and arts institutions in New York and Los Angeles. In 2021, he became a Communications Associate with Olu & Company.

Working with Rosso Films International and 5th Floor Productions, Nolan has produced two feature-length films and several shorts, overseeing the projects from development through distribution. Many Rosso films have gone on to won accolades at the Cannes Court Metrage, Chelsea Film Festival, St. Louis International, Long Island International Film Expo, and NBC/AFI’s Meet the Press Fest. His feature-length script, Asleep Between the Boroughs, finalized for the Jerusalem Sam Spiegel International Film Lab in 2019, and is now in development for production.

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